Project aims

Further information on research outputs

Facilitate knowledge exchange between Higher Education Institution (HEI) and Civil Society Organisation (CSO) partners to:

  • Co-produce knowledge about existing CSO practices in the reception of migrants and refugees in local urban areas, including the on-going challenges faced by urban practitioners and existing instances of innovation.

  • Co-design a practice framework (including principles, methods and tools) to address issues of housing and settlement in ways that are inclusive of the needs, aspirations and capabilities of urban migrants and refugees, and engage in dialogue with all communities involved.​

​Facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration between Higher Education Institution (HEI) partners to:

  • Share knowledge about the present conditions of urban design and planning education in regards to the reception of international migrants and refugees in local urban areas.

  • Co-design, test and disseminate a pedagogical framework (including principles, methods and tools) to make the reception and inclusion of international migrants and refugees integral to the teaching of urban design and planning.

Partner institutions

Higher Education Institutions

Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture & Urban Studies

Country: Italy

Project team: Francesca Cognetti (team coordinator),

Ida Castelnuovo, Gabriele Solazzi

Civil Society Organisations

Designing inclusion is a collaborative project addressing the interface between architecture, urban design, urban planning education and the production of inclusive urban spaces for refugees and forced migrants. 

The focus of attention is set on European cities, and on the capacity of current and future urban practitioners to make a meaningful contribution to the reception of international migrants and refugees in local urban areas. The project will co-produce innovative approaches, methodologies and tools that can enable practitioners to produce inclusive urban spaces.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Department of Architecture

Country: Belgium

Project team: Viviana d'Auria (team coordinator), Racha Daher, Katharina Rohde

University of Sheffield, Sheffield School of Architecture

Country: United Kingdom

Project team: Beatrice De Carli (project and team coordinator),

Celia Macedo, Jan Stratford

Architecture Sans Frontières - International

Country: France

Project team: Amani Alshaaban (joint team coordinator),

Lucia Caistor-Arendar (joint team coordinator), Emily Wright

Housing Europe

Country: Brussels

Project team: Alice Pittini (team coordinator), Julien Dijol,

Abderrahim Khairi